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Frequently Asked Questions


Do you provide so and so errand service?

      - More often than not, we are able to fufill any type of errands which other service providers                 might not be able to customise for you. So please do not hesitate to let us know of ANY type             of errand / errands you need ran and we would work out a solution for you.

How do you charge?

      -As mentioned in the website, as every client's needs are different, it is based on a case-by-case          basis. We would work it out with our team of experienced and professional staff to come up                with the best possible quote for our clients in the shortest time possible. 

I have an urgent request that needs immediate action

      -We do provide last minute ad-hoc requests and we will definitely try our best to fufill the needs           of our clients. However, these type of last minute requests are subjected to staff availability                 and also additional surcharge. 

Refund policy
     -In the event whereby the errand service had already started out and due to unforeseen                         circumstances, the service could not be completed, a refund of up to 30% could be refunded;           subjected to Ludify-SG's discretion


Nobody is home to recieve the parcel, then what?

      - We would either reschdule the delivery, or leave it at an instructed area with photo proof to                the reciever. *Ludify-SG would not be held responsible for package lost under this instruction

Would you be calling the recipient before arriving?

      -Yes, we provide constant updates with our clients on the status of the delivery. 

Do you provide documentation proof for pick-up / delivery?

      -Yes, we do if required. A simple document requiring the signature of our clients upon collection / delivery.

Do you offer packages for regular customers?

     -Yes, we do offer packages that is customised to each individual client to best fit their needs. 

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